Halfy Hour is good for customers!

If you like food and you also like deals, then you should use Halfy Hour! When you download the Halfy Hour app, you can browse tons of deals on food at restaurants nearby. Offerings change daily, so you won’t get tired of the same food all the time, and some Halfy Hour special meals aren’t even available on the restaurant’s normal menu! Scoring a fantastic deal through Halfy Hour is a great way to try new restaurants and foods, so check it out!

Halfy Hour is good for restaurants!

Halfy Hour lets restaurants list a certain number of discounted items or meals at whatever time of day they want, and customers nearby can browse or get an alert on their phones to find out about deals in real time! Halfy Hour gives restaurants more control than if they were to simply print hundreds or thousands of coupons. Instead of risking having hundreds of people come into their restaurant to use a coupon, Halfy Hour automatically decreases the number of discounted meals available for purchase as more people purchase the deal. That way, restaurants can make sure they’re not losing money or selling more discounted meals than they want to.

If a restaurant has extra but perfectly good food leftover towards the end of the day, Halfy Hour can help sell that surplus food quickly, by sending real-time alerts to customers.

Halfy Hour is good for companies!

So many startups and established companies alike provide free or subsidized meals to their employees these days, and if your company doesn’t offer this same perk, it’s hard to compete and be seen as a fun place to work. Luckily, Halfy Hour allows companies to partially or fully subsidize employees’ meals through the app, and since Halfy Hour negotiates special discounts with restaurants, that subsidy goes even farther! Studies have shown that employees who receive free or subsidized meals at work are happier, which in turn leads to better employee retention!

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