Benefits of Food in the Workspace

Halfy Hour offers a FoodTech solution that helps improve employee morale and increase employee loyality.

Halfy Hour provides numerous benefits to companies

Many startups and well-established companies alike are providing free or subsidized lunch to their employees. Halfy Hour has developed an enhanced and more flexible solution. The Halfy Hour enterprise platform offers a seamless way to provide food subsidies for your employees. Instead of having to build a costly in-house kitchen, pay full price for meals, or commit to a subscription, companies use Halfy Hour to stretch their subsidy even further by giving employees access to food options with negotiated prices.

Increase Employee Happiness

Eating lunch at a desk or work cafeteria decreases associations between happiness and work.

Foster Employee Collaboration

Employees collaborate better in a low-pressure, outside environment.

Improve Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Improve employee retention and satisfaction by offering subsidized meals.

Your Subsidy Goes Farther

Halfy Hour negotiates rates with restaurants, making your subsidy go much further.

Cost-Effective Solution

Save money by offering subsidies through Halfy Hour instead of running a costly in-house kitchen.

We Partner With The Best

Your employees will have a selection of only the finest restaurants in the San Francisco area.